Oil and gas drilling equipment

Tiva Sanat Spadana Co. is engaged in the construction of a variety of oil and gas drilling equipment, including oil and gas pipe blockers, oil and gas drilling equipment and drills, split sleeve and repair sleeve and Weld ends coupling in sizes and compression classes.


Rack And Pinion gears

These gears are used to convert turnaround to linear or vice versa. In fact, the Rack can be considered a simple gear with an infinite tooth, whose radius is infinitely large.


Manufacturing of various equipment

This company operates with welding equipment, which has certificates in the field of assembly and welding, and is also fully familiar with WPS and PQR to manufacture equipment.


Electrode Conducting Arms

TESA Co. is the first and only company specializing in the construction and reconstruction of Electrode Conducting Arms for arc furnace in Iran.


Manufacturing of various industrial parts

The production of various parts and equipment related to the cement production line, components and equipment for the melting of steel complexes, the industrial equipment of the wagon and trawl, the reinforcement of conveyors in different dimensions.


CNC milling gear equipped with fourth axle

CNC milling services with dimensions of 6000x2300x1100 and 4000x1800x1500 mm, making a variety of gears and helical shafts up to 6 meters long by the fourth axis of CNC

TESA Co. Services

Tivo Sanat Spadana Co. was established with the aim of manufacturing industrial equipment and machinery and heavy machining services in the steel, oil and gas, power plants and mines industries of the country. The company has succeeded in obtaining a certificate from knowledge-based companies from the Innovation Trust Fund. The presence of experienced experts, heavy equipment and advanced machineries, including CNC milling with dimensions 6000x2300x1100 and 4000x1800x1500 mm, distinguishes this company at Isfahan Industrial Park.

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