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TESA Company records

From the history of this company, we can mention cooperate with Aghajari and Masjed Soleiman and Gachsaran oil and gas companies and steel companies such as Hormozgan Steel Co., Steel Complex of Isfahan, Khuzestan Steel... and also with reliable companies such as Foolad Technic Steel Co., Hesa, Mapna, Tukka, etc., and cement companies to manufacture various industrial equipment and components.


The distinction of the company

Experienced experts, heavy equipment and advanced machining equipment, including CNC milling with dimensions of 6000x2300x1100 and 4000x1800x1500 mm equipped with the fourth axis and geographic location (close to the most important industrial centers of Isfahan), distinguished this company at Isfahan Industrial Park.



history of the company

Tiva Sanat Spadana Company (TESA) was established with the aim of producing industrial equipment and machinery and heavy machining services in the steel, oil and gas, power plants and mines industries of the country.


work experience of

TESA managers

The philosophy of collaboration comes from thinking, planning, designing, and solving problems, which has become part of our corporate culture. Teamwork and collaborative work are common features that, in addition to recognizing our evaluation and reward systems, have also come to fruition.

The empowerment of our employees has been achieved through partnership, improvement, and team design, which is surely the key to the success of our organization, beyond our professional background.

The quality and standard of service provided by Tioa Industry Spadana has always been the company's top priority. As a consequence, the quality of engineering work has been continuously monitored and scrutinized by expert experts in all company groups.

Eng. Abbas Eslampour Hatef

Eng. Abbas Eslampour Hatef


Bachelor of Mechanics






25 years experience of service and production

At least twenty-five years of experience in the production of components and equipment used in various industries,
in addition to raising the ability and experience of the personnel of the company,
has made it unnecessary for our country to import these components.







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